Abusing alcohol and marijuana, E111

March 09, 2023 Anze Season 3 Episode 111
Abusing alcohol and marijuana, E111
Show Notes

Hey everyone

Before I forget, this Sat, at 10am EST, Mar the 13th, I'm doing a free Zoom event for anyone who anyone looking to quit, but not sure where or how to start. 

Here are the details to connect:

Zoom Meeting
Time and date: Sat 13 Mar 10am
Meeting ID: 956 8690 6904
Passcode: 554032

Come and join us, it will be fun!

On today's episode is Joseph, coming straight out of Nebraska, Lincoln.

I spoke with Joseph over Reddit a few weeks ago, as he made a post about being 3 years sober from weed. Seeing some of you guys asked me to talk with people who are a little bit further ahead in the journey, I thought Joseph would be a perfect fit.

We discussed his upbringing with alcohol, his AA meetings, and his realization marijuana is becoming a problem and his life now, being completely sober from weed and alcohol.

Joseph is a good testament you can climb out of the dark place if you trust the process and put the work in. He sums it up the best towards the end - less trying and more doing.

Thanks, Joseph for being a legend and sharing your story!

See you at the next one!

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