Law professor reveals his secret, E99

January 26, 2023 Anze Season 3 Episode 99
Law professor reveals his secret, E99
Show Notes

Hello folks!

It's Thursday evening and I have got a fresh new episode for you. Joaquin, my guest today, is a law professor and lawyer, but he also has a story of marijuana abuse.

Growing up he was battling with anxiety and depression. Being let down by various therapies, he turned to medical marijuana in his 30s. After 3 months he realized this is no longer helping, yet he continued smoking. 

He is now adamant he wants to quit, and he also admits he expressively hates marijuana and advises younger and older generations to stay away from it.

Wishing Joaquin a quick recovery, I will check in with him again in a few months.

In case you didn't listen to this episode, I'm going to celebrate my 100th episode on Monday. I need your bizarre, random, funny, wild or downright hilarious stories from your old smoking days. Preferably on video, but I will take texts as well. 

Regardless if you have a story or not, come and join me on live stream coming Monday 30th of Jan, at 9 pm CET.

It will be fun!



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